Demographic processes, social change, and economic development during the 20th and early 21st century have produced increasingly diverse families in the United States along economic, race/ethnic, geographic, and cultural lines. The types and patterns of intergenerational support among American families are also more varied than ever before. These differences in family assistance are both causes and consequences of inequality.

In a series of papers, I examine intergenerational support (time, money, coresidence) along multiple axes of difference among contemporary families. Moreover, I assess the unique set of obligations and the provision of support that occur within multigenerational families.

Living Arrangements Throughout Life: The Experiences of Diverse American Families


My dissertation focuses on one particular form of help: coresidence. I adopt a life course approach, studying familial living arrangements at different developmental stages:

Childhood: The Influences of Parenting and Coresident Extended Kin on the Academic Achievement and Engagement of Hispanic Children of Immigrants

Transition to Adulthood: Changing Times and Places: First Homeleaving Among Late Baby Boomers and Early Millennials During the Transition to Adulthood

Later Life: Adult Children’s Coresidence and Financial Assistance to Mothers in Black and White Families

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